#PAC is one of the many tools that Twitter can use to defend and respect the user’s voice.


Fully participating in the policy debate and the political process is an important part of getting our voice heard on important issues. To better advance the interests of Twitter, and to support and defend our users, we have created a political action committee named #PAC.

#PAC donates money to candidates and initiatives that support tech-focused policy issues that directly affect our users and our platform.


Internet freedom and net neutrality

Fighting against censorship and for free expression is ingrained in Twitter‘s DNA. The best way to ensure a free and open internet is to continue the historic policy of safeguarding the open architecture of the internet by adopting strong, enforceable net neutrality principles. This guarantees that service providers can’t block any lawful content or services, or unfairly discriminate between what services or apps the user can utilise and how they’re accessed by customers.


National security surveillance reform

Edward Snowden’s government surveillance revelations in the summer of 2013 served as a stark reminder that the balance between civil liberties and the needs of intelligence and law enforcement entities had become badly askew. Twitter, along with other technology companies, has fought to pass legislation that will provide greater transparency into national security-related requests for user data and also clarifies the law by:

  • Banning bulk collection of metadata
  • Requiring FISA courts to declassify its rulings
  • Allowing Twitter and others to be more transparent with government requests for data
  • Creating a public advocate to challenge the government when data requests appear to be excessive


Modernise digital privacy protections (ECPA reform)

The current law protecting your digital communications from government surveillance and seizure by law enforcement, the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, has not been updated in 27 years. Quite a few things have changed since then. Although Twitter requires search warrants before turning over private data, it is critical that we fight for the law to state that warrants are required to obtain user content and it is not left up to the discretion of service providers.


Patent reform

Twitter is a leader in patent reform thanks to our Innovator‘s Patent Agreement, which sets a new standard for the industry. While there has been progress on patent reform after the 2011 America Invents Act, it did not sufficiently protect innovators and companies from predatory patent trolls, which cost the industry $500 billion over the last 25 years. Twitter will continue to fight to reform the patent system to protect innovators.


Civic engagement

Twitter is headquartered in San Francisco, CA, and has offices across the world. Both the company and our employees make it a point to be part of each community we work in. Occasionally, local issues come up that can have a direct affect on the company and our employees’ lives. Twitter, when necessary, will use #PAC to support local candidates and initiatives that we feel improve the community and benefit our employees. In addition, #PAC will use its funds to promote voter engagement and registration in the USA.

Twitter #PAC files regular reports with the Federal Election Commission. You can find them all here.

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