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Twitter is the place to get breaking news, local updates, global events, inspiration and good conversations.

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The Twitter experience, built to perfectly complement the iPad.

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With a single tap, Tweets expand to show beautiful photos, videos and article previews right in your timeline. Dive deeper into your content with another tap to see photos, play videos or read links from the web in fullscreen mode.

Search faster, better

When you tap the Search icon and type in a word or hashtag, you get the most relevant mix of real-time Tweets, photos and accounts, as well as archived and Top Tweets. Autocomplete helps you find what you’re looking for before you can even type out the word.

Share more simply

Twitter’s integration with iOS means you can use the share icon in apps like Photos, Maps or Safari or Camera to tweet things like that memorable summer day in the park without leaving the app. Sign into Twitter in your iOS account settings to set it up.

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Find some of the best content on Twitter, optimized for your interests in Discover. Scroll through stories, pictures and videos, popular Trends, and suggestions about who to follow in one infinitely refreshing stream.