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Twitter is the place to get breaking news, local updates, global events, inspiration and good conversations.

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The Twitter experience you love, crafted to fit Nokia.

See what’s happening

Scroll to see headlines and then click a Tweet to see photos and conversations. Engage with a Tweet by retweeting, replying or favoriting.

Discover something new

Discover brings you Trends, a way to find popular subjects from people in and outside of your network. Browse categories to find new people or interesting accounts to follow. Tap Search to find new topics, hashtags and conversations.

Connect with interesting people

Tap Search at the top of the Connect screen to find people who interest you. Check out all of your replies and mentions.

Get your Tweet details

Tap an individual Tweet to see the Tweet details page, including photos, conversations, and the number of favorites and retweets your Tweet has received.

What’s new

Integrated sign-up within the application for a truly native Twitter experience. User favorite features include location tags when uploading a photo and highlighted Twitter trends and topics.