How we process reports.

Maintaining a safe space for all of our users is one of our primary objectives. Our Terms of Service and the Twitter Rules outline our rules of conduct. When we receive a report of a possible rule violation, we use both automated and manual tools to contact the people involved, conduct an investigation, and take action. Learn more about how we enforce our rules in the sections below.



how we protect your account

Our teams build systems to ensure that your account doesn’t exhibit any spam-like behavior. If we’re notified that your account is exhibiting such behavior (and it’s unusual for you), we may take steps to lock the account. If this happens, we’ll send you a note explaining how to verify that you’re the owner of the account so you can quickly get back to Tweeting. Read more here.

how we handle user reports

When a user submits a report, it goes to our teams around the world for review. We organize the reports as they arrive. How we react depends on the severity of the violation. For example, we may ask the reported and the reporter(s) to submit Tweets, links, and other evidence that might help us come to a decision. We may also suspend or lock the account temporarily or permanently.

how we handle abusers

We take many actions in response to abuse violations. This can start with basic measures, such as requiring users to delete content or verify a phone number. More abusive accounts may also be locked out of Twitter for specific periods of time. In some cases, we permanently suspend accounts. Read more here.