Our trusted partners

Creating a safe, secure, and enjoyable environment for our users is an abiding mission for us at Twitter. We partner with experts in the field from a wide range of organizations. This enables us to receive continuous feedback on the safety mechanisms we have in place and adapt to changing issues more rapidly.

Mental health

If you or people you know are experiencing thoughts of self-harm or suicide, contact one of our mental health partners listed below. If you see a Tweet showing evidence of similar thoughts, report it to us, either directly from the Tweet or from this form.


General safety

Maintaining your safety online is relatively simple if you know some basic guidelines. To learn more about how to stay safe on the Internet, refer to the guides and resources built by our expert partners.


Child protection

If you suspect a child is being put at risk by someone on Twitter, contact local law enforcement and reach out to Twitter immediately. Please refer to these other resources for additional assistance.


Offensive speech

For more information on dealing with issues of offensive speech or harassment, please explore the wealth of resources built by our partners.