You’re in control

with our safety tools

Over the last few months, we’ve introduced several features to help you manage what you see, who you interact with, and when you receive notifications from Twitter.

Choose what you see.


Avoid language you don’t want to see by blocking specific words. You can mute terms for any of these time periods: 24 hours, 7 days, 30 days — or for as long as you like. Whatever you mute — words, hashtags, phrases — won’t appear on your Home timeline or in your notifications. Learn more.

A gif displaying how to mute specific words.


Muting a conversation stops notifications related to a Tweet you’re mentioned in, without blocking anyone or removing the conversation from your Home timeline. Learn more.

A gif displaying how to mute conversations.


No longer want to see Tweets or notifications from someone in your Home timeline without blocking them? You can mute an account — and unmute it — any time. Learn more.

Choose who you get notifications from.

Get an extra level of control by filtering the types of accounts you see in your notifications. You decide whether or not you want to see notifications from accounts that:

  • You don’t follow
  • Have a default profile photo
  • Don’t have a confirmed email
  • Don’t have a confirmed phone number

Learn more

A gif displaying how to filter notifications.

Choose who sees you.

You can instantly block any account — and when you do, that account can’t see your Tweets when they’re logged in. If your profile is public, users you have blocked may still be able to see your Tweets if they are logged out. We also offer the option to protect your account.

Learn more.

We’ll continue to work on new features to keep you safe. To get updates on our progress, follow @TwitterSafety.